Fun Facts

Gothic Lolita Beauty is a regular user she is level 12, a movie star and has started to play MSP,USA, this month!

She claims she has only played for 3 weeks, and asked her friends for auto, greets, etc.

When she was about 2000 fame away from level 8, she posted a status and asked for autos, greets, etc. And she got it! All her friends were spamming her autos, giving her greets, and loving her art books.

I messaged her one day and she is really polite! She is bullied on MSP for her pale skin and even made forum called "I am Not", she gets about 1,000-3,000 starcoins every week and has never been VIP.

How She Looks

Gothic Lolita Beauty has nice pale skin, black lips (Non-vip), and violet purple eyes, she has signature black hair. Her outfits range from a bit girly- to a tomboy style the only colors she uses are Black and grey, with some purple and white occasionally.