When the user minechick first begun she was your typical user. Tanned skin colour, blonde hair; quite normal.
A Recreation of her beginner look


After playing for around two months she saved up enough money to buy a year V.I.P package. She bought a regular year V.I.P package which went her up two levels - from level 3 to 5.

Breaking The Mould xD

After seeing a group of 'gothic' users she was inspired to completely change her look. she changed her skin, lip and eye colour.
Minechick - look change

After original look change

Bullying .-.

As her looks became 'wackier' she began to receive attention from a few people, but not the sort of attention you would want, people would call her names and consistently comment on how 'ugly' she looked. This, however, did not phase her as she usually would retaliate although that never ended well.
Wackier looks

'Wackier' looks

Account Image

Non-gender look 1


In early 2014 she decided to ignore what gender her account was specified as and began to disguise her avatar as a boy, saying that what gender her account was didn't matter. this cause a lot of hate but, as usual, retaliation solved that (;

Extreme Randomness

Minechick is currently married to Burgicon and is expecting a child, which they will name Hubert. She loves messing with people in chatrooms and pretending to be a hacker xD (not at all messed up) Her best friend on moviestarplanet is BabyBooBaby, a user she also knows outside of MSP.